Israel: A Cup of Drunkenness to the Nations Bruce W. Assaf

ISBN: 9781554529377

Published: September 1st 2012


144 pages


Israel: A Cup of Drunkenness to the Nations  by  Bruce W. Assaf

Israel: A Cup of Drunkenness to the Nations by Bruce W. Assaf
September 1st 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 144 pages | ISBN: 9781554529377 | 7.47 Mb

Israel is the backdrop of the most important and critical events in the history of man. The Middle East is the Ground Zero of Bible prophecy. God clearly reveals in His Word that Jerusalem would be a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, driving them mad in their conflicts over Israels ancient capital. It is Gods divisive issue to judge the nations. - Israel & Gods Everlasting Covenant - Irrefutable Proofs from Scripture & History Confirm Israels Antiquity - World Anti-Semitism - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Islams Tactical Fabrication to Exterminate Israel - The Arab Spring - America & Israel - Description of End-Time Armies to Gather Around Jerusalem - And much more!

The birth of the State of Israel foretold in scripture is the greatest prophetic miracle of our day. The city of the Great King, Jerusalem is Gods footstool. It is where God brought to earth His salvation and established His Covenant to mankind. The Holy Land is holy ground. With over 25% of the Bible being devoted to prophecy, all Bible prophecy revolves around the nation of Israel. It has been prophesied over 811 times in the Bible. Only 8,000 square miles of land mass, Israel is the geographical center of the universe and will be the center of global conflict immediately prior to the Lords return.

It is Gods prophetic time clock and divisive issue to gather and judge the nations of the world. All those who plot Israels demise and dividing of Gods covenant land are on a collision course with the Almighty Himself! Bruce W. Assaf is the author of several books along with speaking both a profound and prophetic message for this hour.

In this book he enlightens and alerts the reader with understanding the significance of the nation of Israel. He connects historical facts with current world events and biblical prophecies pointing to the dangerous times we face as a church and nation. Bruce is a watchman on the wall, with a clear and distinct call to sound the alarm to this generation.

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